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AdBlock Plus To Not Block All Ads

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Wonder what "inducement" (or threat) was offered to the creators of AdBlock to "fix" how their product operated? Because I strongly doubt this decision was made purely after a philisophical discussion around the company cracker-barrel. The somewhat defensive tone in the announcement leads me to believe AdBlock is getting something in return for  making this change.

It's an annoying change in policy even though I permit ads from most sites I visit regulary for exactly the justifications given. But that's *MY* choice, and not one made for me by AdBlock.

In the last few months I've made a conscious effort to spend far less time on the web than I previously have. Mainly because I'm getting so sick of the commercialism (and juvenile crassness) I'm starting to see creeping in everywhere.

Maybe I'll just need to cut back a bit more going forward.  :-\

Carol Haynes:
Currently doesn't seem to apply to the Chrome extension.

There is also an opt out so you can use it as before - you just need to say so.

Million dollar idea for me or you or, network of sites that never have any ads. Sort of a 'good' version of WOT

Ghostery also works on the same idea. They're now part of Evidon, that asks users to opt-out of ads via ghostery. They do pass few ads through the filter thought, especially some of the contextual ads and few text link ads.

It'll take some time for few geeks to come up with yet another extension for ad-blocking and it is needed irrespective of any defense from publisher and media giants. This is because if they start corporate lobbying in ad display programs with these ad blockers then small publishers are surely going to get crushed into this if big publishers and media companies manipulate such ad blockers.

I'll probably stick with it, see how it goes. I often have tried allowing adds for sites I like, but if they have blinking/"non-static" adds I block again.

Their plan is to allow:

* Static advertisements only (no animations, sounds or similar)
* Preferably text only, no attention-grabbing images
* At most one script that will delay page load (in particular, only a single DNS request)
Would be nice if I could either

* 1] block everything by default, with the option to allow "acceptable"
* 2] allow acceptable by default, with option to block all
EDIT/ #2 above is new default

as I say, will see how it goes...


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