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AdBlock Plus To Not Block All Ads

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What a surprise! (NOT): AdBock Plus To Not Block All Ads

Just in case, I have changed my FF add-ons settings to switch OFF Automatic Updates for:

* AdBlock Plus
* Element Hiding Helper for AdBlock Plus

That's as sure a way to oblivion as putting a knife in the heart with a slow force >:(

Yes. I find this depressing - "fixing" AdBlock like this, I mean. Somebody fixed JunkBuster, years ago - I guess it was too good at what it did.
Wait for all the apologistic spin about "It's really not such a bad thing, y'know!"

Just saw the spelling mistake "AdBock Plus To Not Block All Ads" - I copied the misspelling straight from the link. Didn't notice it at the time.
Maybe AdBlock is delivered from a South African company now?      ;)


I think Adblock has had trouble blocking the Wikipedia campaign boxes lately. I think you can sludge your way with things like ElementHider (spelling?) but still, it's an ad,and it's ugly, go away.

This says you can opt out.


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