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NANY 2012 Request

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I was able to extract with 7zip and WinRAR, as for download URL, i noticed you posted the URL using all lowercase letters. I was able to download by changing the file name to in the URL
-hollowlife1987 (December 13, 2011, 07:14 AM)
--- End quote ---

Whoops!  I'll update.

Using the instructions of Hollow I've successfully downloaded and opened the file :up:

Hmm, I tried hollowlife's renaming, downloaded the file, but wasn't able to open it:

Also unable to open it with 7-zip.  :huh:

For what it's worth, I'm able to download it and extract it with both WinRAR (v3.91) and 7-zip (v4.65), no problem.


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