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NANY 2012 Request

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Not really an app request, but rather a component request, and perhaps there's a free version of this out there in cyberspace somewhere, but if so I haven't come across it:

I would like a custom control that I can add to my Visual C# Express toolbox. It should inherit from RichTextBox, but should be able to LoadFile() just like a RichTextBox (plain or RTB format), and should have a Print() method that prints the entire contents of the custom Rich TextBox.

Printing is abominably arcane in .NET!  Grrr...

does this help?

Thanks, lotus.  There are lots of useful articles such as that one. But all are quite involved. I just can't believe that someone hasn't made a simple drop-in custom control such that, if the Rich Text Box contains text, you can just invoke Print() to print all the text it contains.

I've figured out a way to print simple text files in their entirety, but I'm not finding a pre-made free control for doing the same with RichTextBox. There's plenty of code samples for rolling-your-own.

How about an Extension Method?

Hmm, thank you for that link, hollowlife; it appears worthy of study...


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