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Using Portable Python with Web Link Captor


Below are some instructions for getting Web Link Captor to use PortablePython 2.x.

Getting Portable Python on one's system:

* Navigate to
* Click on the Portable Python 2.whatever (currently link near the top left of the page
* Download exe via torrent or one of the mirrors and verify checksum
* Run the installer -OR- use Universal Extractor (and copy the contents of the $INSTDIR subfolder to some appropriate location)
Configuring WLC to use Portable Python:

* Start Web Link Captor
* From the "View" menu, choose "Options and Preferences"
* Choose the "Scripting" tab on the left pane
* Ensure that "Python.exe path specified below (default)" is selected
* Specify the path to python.exe for "Custom path to Python.exe (version 2.x) -- so <installation-dir-path-of-portable-python>\App\python.exe
(Tested on Windows XP SP3 with PortablePython and Web Link Captor 1.01.02.)

Web Link Captor now includes a download to an optional Python addon that will unpack right inside of the program, and not require the installation of any system wide python distribution, or changes to your system.

Web Link Captor now comes with a minimal and local Python2 distribution in its installation subdirectory, so no separate download or installation of python is required.

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