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Web Link Captor - Tips and Tricks and Share Your Scripts


Thought I'd start a thread for tips and tricks of using Web Link Captor, and for sharing custom scripts that people have written.

Here's a quick trick:
If you have a list of urls, you can get WLC to make a nice list for you that automatically fetches the web page titles for each and produces a nice formatted list from them.

Example, inputs:

--- Code: Text ---
Now i set my output format to: --format bbcode --hrlink --hrtitle --rmax 0 --hlist

And click run, and the result is:

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* 5 Alternatives to PayPal | GeekDad |
* RGdot - Freeware blog, software tips and giveaways

I'd like to invite anyone who has written a custom script/tool for Web Link Captor to please share it.  And I'm happy to help people get started writing them -- so just holler if you get stuck.

One thing that would be nice is if someone would implement a search script to query google's *NEW* search api -- I somehow used the old one.

If any python coder wants to take a try at it, just start with the skeleton of code in my google search script and go from there, and ask me any questions  :up:


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