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CLCL Clipboard Manager - Keep more than one item and this for longer

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lanux128: will certainly be interested to examine these 2 fine products. First is Ditto-cp which is still in active development and Scott is pretty responsive. Second is ArsClip. Again, a fine and good product.-cnewtonne (April 20, 2007, 10:40 AM)
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thanks for the input, cnewtonne.. my main reason for keeping faith with CLCL is all the templates & plugins that i have grown accustomed to.. since you're an ex-CLCL user, i might check out both..  :)

There is an start to translate the documentation of CLCL to English.
If you are curios or want to code an plugin or just wanna help ... point your browser to

Am I right in thinking that what CLCL calls templates, is boiler-plate text?

Templates could be boiler-plate (the hole address, email signature, footer...), code snippets,  special chars to insert, email addresses, ...
But CLCL have no placeholder like %TIME% or %DATE%.

Typically i paste smtg into the clipboard, go to the CLCL Viewer an drag&drop the content to the template "folder"(section)

Thanks, Abterix... 

If you'd like a freeware calendar that offers multiple roll-your-own formats for sending date and time to the clipboard, try Horst Schaeffer's Calendar


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