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CLCL Clipboard Manager - Keep more than one item and this for longer

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Hi urlwolf and welcome to the forum  :Thmbsup:

Yes, i have CLCL running, i think for longer then one year, on several PCs (hmm, this on W2k SP2-4 most) and
from time to time other apps who use keyboard hooks too (AHK, AutoIt, Screenshot Captor,...)
and have no crash seen with this.

But Chris over there on have surly better answers then i on this issue  :(

I belive CLCL is very cool program  :Thmbsup:  (I used it for 3 years or so), but I noticed CLCL has problem with  :(

Hi sembel and welcome  :D

Do you wanna tell us more about this problem with OO ?

hi AbteriX,

If I copy something while OO is open, CLCL won't copy, until I close the OO. I saw other people have the same problem. Maybe OO has some bug. Anyway, it's time to check Ditto  ;)

Please, does CLCL have a feature to repair the clipboard chain, like CHS, ArsClip and Clipmagic do?


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