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CLCL Clipboard Manager - Keep more than one item and this for longer

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my main reason for keeping faith with CLCL is all the templates & plugins
-lanux128 (April 22, 2007, 10:58 PM)
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If you run another clipboard enhancer at the same time as CLCL, and just go through all your CLCL templates, sending them one by one to the clipboard, you should end up with them all in the new enhancer, easing the pain of testing and transition.

Plugins are a different matter...

thanks for the tip, rjbull.. i'm keeping my options open.. among others, currently i'm trying out ArsClip, CHS and Clipmagic but haven't made a decision yet.. :huh:

I expected to like Clipmagic more than I did.  The automatic assignment to categories is nice, but I found I didn't really use it.  Its popup window is too small (at least, the default one is) and it seems to "steal" the Alt-Down key, which is one I use a lot in Total Commander.

I've been using ArsClip and CHS in tandem recently.  ArsClip's quicker to pop up, CHS has more options.  Fortunately both are no-install.  The next computer I'll be getting at work will apparently be crippled - I won't be able to install anything because "that's policy" - so I hope I can get by with no-install programs instead.

wow..that's impressive! i really love all those nice and powerful features. this gonna replace clipx that i've been using clipx for storing clipboard items

is it possible to create a template for copying current date and time to clipboard?

p.s: opps..sorry i ddint notice this topic is for posting the program tutorial only..please move this post to the right section

is it possible to create a template for copying current date and time to clipboard?-blackcat (February 18, 2008, 10:56 PM)
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Well, yes. A kind off...
see your self here for an start =>


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