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CLCL Clipboard Manager - Keep more than one item and this for longer

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New version!!!!
After so many years, Naka has update CLCL.
-voxel (October 20, 2015, 05:16 AM)
--- End quote ---

thanks voxel :up:

Can anyone give a quick summary/overview of what is epecially good about CLCL?
(Be it workflow, features, etc. whatever.)
I skimmed this and the other related thread but didnt really get a sense of that.
TIA :-)

Another query:
can it store vector clips? (I presume not, but dont hurt to ask)

@tomos: I think for me it would be the simplicity and ease of use, I'm just interested in text not images, and 9 out 10 times I want something I just copied - not something I copied an hour ago. So I just bring up the menu, I usually spot the text I need very fast and type the letter of the item (I use a-z). It also brings the copied item back to the top of the list so if happen to need it again its right there.

So for me it is very fast and easy to use. There are many clipboard helpers but I find most cumbersome to use as there are too many options or I need to press to many keystrokes or even use the mouse or they "take" up too many hotkeys, are too buggy etc.

Before CLCL I used a very similar program on Windows 98(!) - it used the same menu approach, but it had some issues under Windows XP and then I found CLCL - so I didn't have to change the way I worked.

^ thanks Lintalist  :up:

I've just found that CLCL got updated. It has been 10 years of last version.
Here is the changelog, GT from japanese:

--- ---■ Update History
· Ver 2.0.2 -> Ver 2.0.3
And English configuration screen of typographical errors it was corrected.

· Ver 2.0.1 -> Ver 2.0.2
• The configuration file have Unicode support.
→ once configuration file when you start in Ver 2.0.2 will be Unicode.
Before the conversion file the "general.ini.back" called "clcl.ini.back"
It will be backed up in the file name.
Please use the above file If you want to revert to the old version.
• The start-up function I was changed from WinMain to wWinMain.

· Ver 2.0.0 -> Ver 2.0.1
· K.Takata's the modified code from the uptake
→ Unicode surrogate pair of correspondence
→ retry process when it fails to add the task tray
→ suppression of double boot from another user and a continuous double startup suppression
And color of the items that are disabled in the "operation" of the setting there was a case to be invisible
It was corrected that.
- Clipboard monitoring improved the task tray icon when it is stopped.

· Ver 1.1.2 -> Ver 2.0.0
· Unicode compatible. It accompanied I am remove the old Windows from the operating target.
→ takes over the setting of the old version, but tools and format plug-ins
You must use the Unicode compatible version.
- As such registration item does not disappear when the CLCL failed in at the end of the saving process
It was changed to an operation of file copy if a successful save.
· Task tray I icon design was changed.
· Task tray change the default behavior when you click.
→ taking into account the operation of the tablet in the left-click the icon in the task tray
We changed as menu comes out.


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