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CLCL Clipboard Manager - Keep more than one item and this for longer

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Hi friends,

i want only to make a place for to discusses about CLCL, an clip board extender.
But now i have added a few small lessons to know how CLCL works to this thread over there.

So it's changed to an little small tiny mini review. I you want to know more about CLCL,
please point your browser to > this thread <           

Many screenshots ahead....
The CLCL thread above have now ~1,5 MegaByte to load, please be patient.  :-[
BTW:(All screenshots are taken with Screenshot Captor)

All of your experiences with CLCL, or how to's or tutorials, you can leave on this other thread above.
For any other comments please use this thread here.


An other promissing clipboard extender is Clipboard Help+Spell  :Thmbsup:    check it out

.Find me:
CLCL Anleitung CLCL Tutorial CLCL How-to HowTo How to CLCL Bericht CLCL Clipboard Zwischenablage
CLCL Manual CLCL Handbuch CLCL auf deutsch deutsche √úbersicht CLCL tut tuts
CLCL Nakashima Tomoaki CLCL Nakka CLCL review CLCL user opinions

... there is a another review about CLCL from our forum member 'Clif Notes'
over there   on

... there is a review about CLCL from  Buzzy at


and a review at

Hmm, looks to me that CLCL is listening to the keyboard (global shortcuts) and may interfere with other applications that do that too (in my case AHK). I had a crash (no keyboard input taken) recently after installing it.

But on the other hand, I see that you use AHK too and have not had problems I
suppose. Maybe this is worth a thread or at least a question in the AHK forum...


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