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Hi SFDude.

Well the Preview Tab is rendering using the IE ActiveX control.. HOWEVER, it never opens web pages inside it -- those are all opened with your default browser.
So the only thing shown in the preview IE activeX is the list of urls, which doesn't contain any content from web pages themselves.  So it should be absolutely safe.

Thank you
for the quick & clear response, Mouser!


Many thanks for this app Mouser.

It is very useful and I can see ways to use this for website SEO and to help in domain name registration.

Is it possible to add a different version of google such as to compare the results against the results that come from

You can make your own search engine scripts in python and interface them with the program.. see the sample search scripts and model yours off those.

Bugfix update:

v1.10.01 - April 17, 2012

* [BugFix] Double-quotes in search strings were not being handled properly and resulting in 0 results


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