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MircryptionKeys.txt.bak file ?

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hi ,

i hope its ok to ask another question.

i recently looked in my mircryption folder and saw that there is a file called MircryptionKeys.txt.bak that always updates too if i change some key's in the MircryptionKeys.txt. both files are encrypted.

I like to know if it is correct that there this backup file of the MircryptionKeys.txt that updates too ?


Hi irc,

Yep, that's normal -- it's simply a backup of your keys file, also encrypted.

hi mouser :) thx for ur fast answer that helped a lot.

btw there is also a file called random.ECL (very small 1kb) that updates wenn i run mircryption. that is ok too , right ?

I'm sure it's ok but I don't remember what it is  :-\

ok no problem , thx for u help

just out of  curiosity, in case u remember let me know :)


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