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"The editor is unable to display the whole of the file"


i'm getting this error when i load mircryption.mrc.  i've downloaded the latest version 1.20.01 with mirc 7.22.  although when i load mircryption.mrc, the initialization commands print out `Mircryption ver 1.19.01 (dll v1.15.01 , mirc v7.22) CBC loaded and ready.`  so maybe i haven't upgraded properly?  the top of the mircryption.mrc file says 1.20.01, though.

anyway, if i press cancel after getting this error message, things seem to be ok.  however, if i ever have to use the script editor to edit one of my other scripts, the editor cuts off the end of mircryption.mrc and corrupts the script.

i wonder if there is an easy way to cut mircryption.mrc into two separate files?


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