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NANY 2012 RELEASE: Christian Prayer Minder

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v1.0.3.2 fixes a few typos in the Help file. Please report any other problems you may find. Thanks!

v1.0.3.3. offers a minor correction in the "Did You Know?" tips dialog.

v1.0.3.4 is an important update for anyone who intends to make serious use of the program, as all Search functionality is now handled on a background thread that will not tie up the UI and make it become unresponsive. Because the files being searched are relatively small, the delay while searching a handful of files is only on the order of milliseconds, but for anyone who uses the program long-term and accumulates hundreds of files, the UI would begin to show unresponsiveness without the changes I've made. Now, you could continue to read an article or enter data into a new file while a Search is running in the background, and a messageBox will alert you when the Search completes.

Also, I eliminated a bug in the Search code.

v1.0.3.5 is important in that it fixes two bugs that could cause the installed program to throw unhandled exceptions

Wow... you're working hard!  Good work!


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