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can you help with 2xl audio tape recording?


I'd love some more help digitizing tapes for 2xl from anyone who has a 2xl and some tapes, or wants to do some ebay shopping :)

I've posted a page with guidelines on how i converted the 2xl tapes to digital form for use in the simulator:

but i'd be willing to do the work of converting files to the right format and tweaking them so that they align properly.

contact me before you do any digitizing so that we can make sure people dont waste effort on the same tapes.

anyone who contibutes will of course get credit on the simulator page and will get offline cd/dvd of the simulator.

can i digitize the audio cassettes that the 2-XL from the 90's used? It works the same way that the 8-track version worked.

yep, same thing.
i'd love to add the tapes.

I have the 8 track, 'Strange but is it true'.

I don't have a way to digitize this, but wouldn't mind sharing.

Is there any way to send it to you (and get it back) to add to your site?

I might have a few others if I can find them.  I have the 2xl with the audio sensing eyes in a box with a bunch of tapes if I can find it.

FAW, if your still around. you can mail me the STRANGE cartridge if you want.  My Dad is sending me his but I have a funny feeling it's been taped back together with "invisible tape" & yours might be in better shape.   :Thmbsup:


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