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Alias sharing

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Just a note that the new preferred way to share aliases is to attach a .alias file, rather than using the old >>> style pasting.

This was posted to another topic already. I modified it to make it more spiffy (thats a technical term :).

Somone from the other thread mentioned it would be good to post it here too; so here is a package tracking alias. It searches ups, fedex, dhl, and usps AND will (let me know if it doesn't) parse the tracking numbers automatically, so the alias prefixes are optional.

EDIT: forgot the file... must be tired
EDIT: new version, has icons thanks hamradio

Search SQLnotes Forum... Of course, this can be used to search any specific web site with google -- just modify the "" address in the alias.

Performatted alias (for pasting in the alias window, with the "import preformatted alias" option in the context menu) :

--- ---1000>>>"Search SQLNotes Forum">->Google - $$1 |$$1 site: /ICON=icons\google.ico>+>^searchsqln (.*)
you can also download the alias as an *.alias file (see attached alias) and put it in your personal alias folder, in Farr's folder (usually : C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\AliasGroups\MyCustom\).

write "searchsqln " (with a space) to use. You can edit the RegEx, of course, in the alias window. I use "searchsqln " just because it fits my current setup etc.

Here's an alias for jumping straight to some point in the registry in RegEdit. It requires the freeware Regjump from SysInternals/Microsoft ( ).

1. Download Regjump and put regjump.exe in the Helpers folder in the FARR directory (example: C:\program files\FindAndRunRobot\Helpers\regjump.exe ).
2. import this alias into FARR:
1000>>>regjump>->Regjump - $$1 | Helpers/regjump.exe $$1>+>^regj(?:|u|um|ump) (.*)
3. type regjump _________
where ____ is some registry path. Example: regjump HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft

(I haven't learned how to make .alias files yet so the import code above will have to do, sorry)
(Mouser, is the Helper folder intended for extra programs like this? Or is some other location better?)

(Mouser, is the Helper folder intended for extra programs like this? Or is some other location better?)
--- End quote ---

with the new use of alias files, the best thing would probably be to make a subdirectory with your alias file, a custom icon, and the regjump.exe.  that way it's a totally self-contained thing.  then a user can just unzip it into the Installed alias directory and they are all set.

See here for an example:


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