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Alias sharing

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nice, dude..

It's really useful when you can't use Alt+Tab (like using VMWare, or VNC, etc)


Or when you've got 7 explorer windows open + 10 other applications and you want to switch to the right one ;)

ya, right.. or many notepads and to get the correct..


Laughing Man:
Odd, I added everything needed for the stt alias to work and it checked out. But when I try using it, it sees the autohotkey script but typing in stt opera and stt firefox doesn't do anything.

Thanks Laughing Man! Sorry to see you're having problems. The code of SwitchToTask is just as folllows:

--- ---#NoEnv
SendMode Input
SetTitleMatchMode RegEx
WinActivate, i)%1%It matches on the window title (case insensitive -partial matches allowed). I don't see why it can't work, maybe some AHK expert can solve the issue?


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