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Alias sharing

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Attached are a set of aliases for users in the UK. I started this set to add UK sites to FARR's core aliases.

For example this set adds to the maps Search alias. This ensures a search for say Reading returns Reading, Berkshire rather than Reading, PA.

As well as additions to the FARR's core aliases I have added a couple of other sets (newspapers and weather) for UK sites.

Just unzip the file and put the UK direction under AliasGroups\MyCustom

wonderful.  thank you for sharing that.  with icons and everything, very cool.  :up:

Two small optional things:

* Your readme says to unpack in the AliasGroups\MyCustom folder.  I think the best practice is for the people who create the alias groups to keep them in their MyCustom subfolder, but for all other people to put them in the AliasGroups\Installed subfolder.  The idea being that the MyCustom is for your own created alias files that you want complete control over and will never update from the web, wheras the Installed subfolder is for an alias pack you expect might be upgraded by a new release from the author.  This is assumed by FARR which will not let you edit aliases in the Installed subdirectory (other than to disable them).  Hope the idea is clear now, i know it's a bit confusing.
* If you would like webspace to host the alias pack and your own little page on it and other stuff just ask.  You could then make a .dcupdate file for this alias pack so you could automatically provide updated versions when you wanted.  Just a idea.
ps. Welcome to the site, great first post  :-*

Thanks for the encouragement.

* When I update the pack then I'll update the instructions to put it into the Installed folder
* As to webspace I assume this means I'd just put the link to the file into any posts and everybody then always gets the latest version. If so this seems a good idea and I'm happy to go ahead with this (though I might need a few pointers to get it all working!)


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