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I Have an Itch for a Video Camera...

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However the Hero has got high speed, up to 120fps at lower resolutions, plus time-lapse modes, and a much wider angle lense (FOV) than any standard HD camcorder. Also waterproof housing and other fun, cool stuff. Basically I think the Hero is ideal for capturing outdoor stuff, sports, action, nature/landscapes
-JavaJones (December 04, 2011, 11:59 PM)
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The Hero has a 3D system to go with it:

I'm thinking about going 3D to start... Hmmm... So many juicy things!
-Renegade (December 05, 2011, 05:29 AM)
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@JJ & Ren - Oh bloody, bloody, bloody damn!

I'm not even a camera/video buff and I want one...

You just had to show that to me didn't you?  ;D

I'm not into 3D myself at this point - the tech is still too immature, if nothing else - but it's cool to see yet another demo of how versatile these little cameras are. I think one of the things that really appeals to me about their approach is it is very "techie" in nature, it's not like your typical consumer camera, there are tons of options and accessories and stuff, and it's designed to be *used* (almost "abused" some would say). Yet despite all that it's not very expensive.

- Oshyan

I'm not into 3D myself at this point - the tech is still too immature, if nothing else
-JavaJones (December 05, 2011, 04:09 PM)
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Makes two of us, although your point about it being cool it's at least there is spot on.

My particular fascination is with the time lapse features and that stunning wide-angle.

Just downloaded the user manual. This thing is incredible. And for $299, it's pretty hard tech to beat.  :Thmbsup:

Yeah, likewise on the time lapse and wide-angle! I've been looking at getting a wide-angle for my dSLR and have already done some experiments with time-lapse, but frankly the results from that thing are as good - if not better than - my dSLR results so far, it's easier to use (I have to have an external intervalometer for the dSLR to do time-lapse), and it's a helluvalot smaller! I would be surprised if I don't end up with one of these things by early next year. ;D

- Oshyan

A friend of mine bought the gopro camera, it's a really well done piece of furniture. The image is great and has some fun panoramic and fish eyes mode. Just wanted to add that as I've seen it.


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