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I Have an Itch for a Video Camera...

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I have a serious itch for a video camera and I really need to scratch...

I'm posting in hopes that some people here have some decent experience to share, and hopefully some recommendations.

My knowledge of the video camera market is way too low level to be useful. e.g. Die processes for chips, substrate technologies, etc.

There's a lot more to a DVC than just that...



* HD - goes without saying
* Full 30 fps for HD (this is chip dependent, and a low requirement as chips now can easily do full HD at 60+ fps)
* Excellent lens - very important - arguably, this is the absolute most important thing
* Preferably fully digital for storage, though USB for storage (or something similar) is an option
* Decent battery
* Sane format support -- I'll be using Adobe Premiere for editing

I'm open to both full sized and compact options. My main concern is quality. Things can be edited afterwards, so I only care about the initial quality from the camera.

I'd like to keep costs down if possible, and if anyone knows the "sweet spot" in the market right now, please let me know.

On the DSC/DSLR front, I have a Nikon 5000 and am very happy with it. I'd like to aim for something in that comparative range. i.e. Not an uber-pro camera, but something that you could use professionally if required. If the price point is too high, I'd be willing to drop my expectations.

Thank in advance for any recommendations.

That still leaves a pretty broad range of options, and I'll admit I'm no expert with video-specific cameras. But let me ask you, is zoom important to you? This is not an exact fit to what I think you're asking for, but I have to tell you this has got *me* excited and I'm nearly set on getting one before the year is out:
Watch the video: (apparently filmed entirely on the camera)

Now again I know that's not exactly what you're looking for, but maybe better than stating exactly what specs you want would be to describe what you intend to use it for. Personally the HD Hero 2 is a really exciting device, but it may not be so for you. :D

- Oshyan

Well, it isn't what I was looking for, but man... is that one wicked cool looking camera! The video showed nothing about the camera itself -- just the kinds of things you would do with it -- and it was one very cool vid!

Took me a bit to figure out the difference between the 3 models -- it's just the attachments that come with it. But you can buy them a la carte as well.

At $300, it's pretty darn cheap too.

Yeah, it's not necessarily what I was looking for either, but I *want* it!! Hehe.

They offer several models, but the latest HD Hero 2 is what I want. This page has a handy comparison and all the major specs on the Hero 2:

As far as how it compares to a standard "Digital HD Camcorder" type thing, well video quality is going to be similar, lens quality maybe slightly lower on the HD Hero - *maybe* - and you have no zoom on the Hero, whereas many HD Camcorders have a lot of zoom, which can be handy. However the Hero has got high speed, up to 120fps at lower resolutions, plus time-lapse modes, and a much wider angle lense (FOV) than any standard HD camcorder. Also waterproof housing and other fun, cool stuff. Basically I think the Hero is ideal for capturing outdoor stuff, sports, action, nature/landscapes. A standard camcorder would be better for people, shots of the kids, etc.

For my purposes the HD Hero 2 is pretty awesome.

- Oshyan

The Hero has a 3D system to go with it:

I'm thinking about going 3D to start... Hmmm... So many juicy things!


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