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Url Pack

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Url Pack Some minor fixes. Now pressing Esc key closes the Gui.

Rewrote the Readme.txt file.

Url Pack Added MaxThon 3 to supported browser list.

will it work if the desktop is set to not display any icons?

will it work if the desktop is set to not display any icons?
-Curt (December 07, 2011, 07:39 AM)
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I would expect the .url files would still be detected and moved. If it doesn't work let me know. I'll have to come up with a capture from the address bar to make url shortcuts directly in the URLS folder.

Url Pack

v.  Fixed url file parsing to accommodate IE format.

v.  Added MaxThon 2 browser support.

Note: In IE 8 the "drag addresbar to desktop" technique does not work.  But you can do the same thing using File Menu, Send => Shortcut to Desktop.

MaxThon may have something similar.

I installed MaxThon 2 and 3 just to get the window class names and try out some basic functions. But, to be honest, these browsers are in such an unusable state after install that I really don't want to configure each one. I don't like to run Browsers that use IE engine since I got burned by a BHO some years ago.

The main issue now with IE is there seems to be a bug with settings to open new urls in tabs. It just doesn't work.  At least it doesn't work right on IE 8.

I tried opening the pack with MaxThon 2, then MaxThom 3 the active window.  New tabs were opened as expected.


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