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Url Pack Added Tray Menu command Set URL Folder to change the default URL folder. This is saved to .ini file as DefFolder option.  A BrowseForFolder Dialog appears. The folder containing UrlPack.exe is the root. It allows creating a new folder.  This way you may save multiple Packs and change the folder as a means to launch the particular pack. For example if you want to open the browser to only forums, you may copy or add url shortcuts to a sub folder Forums, then designate it as the default folder.

To set a folder not contained in the dialog tree you may type the complete path in the Edit Line. Of course you may also use the Edit IniFile command to edit the .ini file directly.

Url Pack Now the Default URL Folder may also be changed by dropping a single folder on the Gui.  Added MsgBox when changing the default folder to display the new value. The Url Folder Button no longer closes the Gui after pressing.  This makes it easy to select a folder for Drag & Drop when changing the default URL Folder.

About Box has been updated to reflect the new feature.

Url Pack Set Gui popup window to Stay On Top.  Makes it easier to drag default folder onto it.

Url Pack Added Save URL Folder to File command to the Tray Menu. If the selected folder has any .url files, the urls will be read and added to the file selected via a file save dialog. If the file exists the lines will be appended. Otherwise a new file is created.  If no extension is specified .txt is appended to the file name.

The output file is suitable for use with my Browser Bunch utility.

I use Cometbird
-TaoPhoenix (April 12, 2012, 02:51 PM)
--- End quote ---

Funny.  I just ran across it today.  So far the only "bad" thing is it won't accept some of the Firefox AddOns.  But it seems to run fine.   :Thmbsup:

Edit:  It figures.  I start using it just as the developers decide to dump it.   :huh:


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