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Thanks, with questions...

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i thought it would probably be prudent to make this mainly a bug fix release given that a number of issues were discovered,
and then come back to adding more substantial feature once those are cleaned up.

i have some more small things i want to add, but
the next major thing i will add will be the option to grab the internal list that windows tracks of programs run and add an option to start with that in your start list and/or give score biases.

after that i will try to add some folder searching functionality.

please keep posting suggestings, they help me work out what direction to go in.

im primarily concerned with adress the issue of failing to launch shortcuts on some computers and the report of it handing in these cases.  once i get some idea that these issues are fixed i will make this release official and start working on a release with these new substantial features.

 :Thmbsup: excellent. going to be a great update when it arrives.

Just tested the new version on Win2K at work and still got the excel bug.  It appears to start another instance of FindRun.  Here is what happens:

- I start an excel file and everything goes great
- I start to launch the second file
- FindFun freezes and no excel window comes up
- I ctrl-alt-del and go to kill FindRun but find that it has two instances running
- I kill one of the instances, FindRun flashes to the foreground then goes away entirely (both instances)
- The second excel window comes up

The blank column headings bug seems to be fixed. (both versions)

I notice that when I hit Pause/Break and FindRUn comes up, hitting Pause/Break does not close the window.  Is this how it should be? (less memory version ONLY)

The up/down key presses move me side to side in the search text box not up/down the search returns. (both versions)

Sorry, this is not very detailed.  I only have a few minutes every now and then while I work to try this.  I'll try on WinXP tonight at home.  Also, I personally prefer just having the .exe to copy into the directory.  The Government is a little paranoid when it comes to installing things!  I've done it before but I try to limit it as much as possible.   Thanks,


np, i will start uploading the exes alone.

at least i think i have a much better feel for the excel problem at this point, that it is all based on this ShellExecute thing, and the fact that the less memory version works as a pair of programs, a tiny helper and a main app, and that the second launch is confusing the helper to launch another app, which triggers a chain of bumbling after that.

i have to tell you guys, in case you don't already know, having beta testers willing to try out these unofficial releases is an indescribably helpful thing.

i'm going to try an alternative way to launch document files that doesnt require hanging around and waiting for the target app to launch.

side to side huh, lol, thats kinda strange.. if you try the down arrow while a search is ongoing, does it work then? if so then i know the problem.

Nope, cant get the cursor keys to work while the search is ongoing either.



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