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NANY 2012 Release: Desktop URL Embed

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NANY 2012 Entry Information
Application NameDesktop URL EmbedShort DescriptionEmbed the contents of a webpage in the desktop as a gadgetSupported OSesWindows Vista/7Setup Fileversion 1.0.0DescriptionActive desktop was supposed to be a big feature on Windows, but it has faded into the annals of history.  Or has it?  It's still there, just not as prevalent.  So when I wanted to embed a webcam view in my Evil Genius desktop setup, I decided to learn about Windows Gadgets...
FeaturesEmbed a URL into your desktop.  Set a refresh if desired and the size of the gadget.ScreenshotsNANY 2012 Release: Desktop URL EmbedNANY 2012 Release: Desktop URL EmbedNANY 2012 Release: Desktop URL EmbedNANY 2012 Release: Desktop URL EmbedInstallationDouble-click the .gadget file.  Allow installation.Using the applicationAfter installation, the gadget should appear.  Drag the window as desired by the gripper, or click the wrench to adjust the settings.
UninstallingRight click on the desktop and select gadgets.  In the window that appears, right click the Desktop URL Embed gadget, and click uninstall.
NotesRequires IE unfortunately.  The desktop gadget content portion is only IE.

Hey wraith, that sounds (no looks yet) great :Thmbsup:

Very cool!

Is this one still going to become a Release? (fingers crossed)

oops, I have a text file showing this one is canceled. Am I correct?


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