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Chameleon Task Manager on offer at Bits du Jour 2011-12-01

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Steven Avery:

Chameleon is back today at Bits !
Oh, wait that is startup manager .. I will have to find that thread, and let this one fall down.

You can see my comments there, but I suggested watching here as well.

The more I look at Chameleon Startup, the more impressed I am.  I used to grumble a bit because it does not integrate a Task Manager (separate program, which I do not use) .. however I have totally gone past that grumble-bumble.  The program is really top-notch.  


Note: I may have been confusing Malwarebytes with Mamutu.  At the moment I have neither in realtime.


Only today 50% discount on the PRO version:

and the standard version for free:

Steven Avery:

Only today 50% discount on the PRO version:
and the standard version for free:
-Ennovy (April 16, 2012, 06:39 AM)
--- End quote ---
I like the idea of getting the software since Evgeni is responsive and actually enhancing his programs.

On the other hand, in terms of the Pro .. we have overlap, with some of the pro skills overlapping with Process Tamer and Lasso (maybe Anvir has those skills too).  I will conjecture that you really want to settle on one, and that will probably be Tamer or Lasso.  Note, though, that Chameleon is strong on "configurations" (very well implemented in the Startup program) so it may be competitive in that tweak mix.

The resource usage statistics may be good too.  Lots of programs show you usage at a glance, few give you a longer perspective.

Security Patrol sounds like a little HIPs oriented, probably some overlap, probably nice in some ways.

$30 with the discount ?  Close call on my end. May do it partly because I know that Evgeni is so active. It is true that (unlike Startup) there are a number of very worthy and solid alternatives, freeware or freemium.  (First time I ever wrote that word .. hmmm.. checking for thunder and lightning.)


If not the Pro, the Standard download will be good.  An opportunity to compare, without concern of quick expiration. I still consider DTaskManager the solidity standard.  That is the one I use to actually replace the Windows TM. A lot of times System Explorer says "load me too".


Steven Avery:
Correction - $15 for the pro on the deal today at GAOTD

The program is fun to work with.  No direct integration with startup manager. It would take a while to compare A, B, C.  The ultra-configurable column layout is nice, lots of good info.  2+hours to decide....zzzz

Here are the pro features:

Task configurations management
Any number of configurations can be created and loaded if necessary

Resource usage statistics
Thus you can determine which programs use the most resources, slowing down the computer

Security control
Checking program files for modifications and notifications about new programs

And  you get a full, real registration to the top-line product (unless there is a supercalifragilistical ultimate). Actually if the program went network, enterprise, that would be sort of justified (network edition).


Notice that the suggestion box of GAOTD was for the most part quite sensible.
(Not the voting score, though.)

Any thoughts of note ?  Splurge for the pro ?  (One issue is whether I should be using configurations or whether such management should all be in Process Tamer or Lasso.  Is there management that is not overlap ?)

Resource Usage Statistics has some pizazz.

Security Control would have to be tested out compared to the current HIPS mix.

There is probably enough there for the Paypal account dent.  However, that is partly because I have become a solid fan of Chameleon Startup Manager (especially the configuration implementation) and share my feedback with Evgeni.  Not necessarily because of a gaping need.


Ok, went for it.  Checked the 3 puters-1 user policy, which is fine.  Considered waiting so as to buy Bits or here, rather than Giveaway, but felt it best simply to get it done and work with the full program.

And correction: Startup Manager and Task Manager apparently do at least share the same tray source program.


Chameleon Startup Manager v4 has just entered beta. For those who have not purchased it yet, you can get it for 50% (pro version) while the product is in beta.

Direct link for more info

New in this version

Support for Services and Task Scheduler
Many launch parameters (Internet connection, specified time, closing after a delay, etc.)
Many launch conditions (run if the computer is connected to the Internet, not more than once within the specified time interval, if the computer is idle, etc.)
Individual launch settings, delays, and order depending on the day and time
Compact mode (leaves maximum space for program data display)

Updated in this version

Improved performance
The interface has been redesigned
Full support for Windows 8

In future versions

Support for additionally launched items, such as Explorer extensions
Startup and shutdown performance

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