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IE 7.0 Beta 2: Any takers?

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...but at the end of the day the general attitude seems to be that they don't have to create a superior browser, people will use it anyway.-allen (March 22, 2006, 07:55 PM)
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yes, i agree. previously there was no urgency in monitoring current trends/technologies/dangers on the web. i'll bet that they may have even disbanded their IE unit. Only with users, especially corporate ones, clamouring for more protection against spyware & its ilk, did MS revived the IE project.

after using for just over 24hrs, i'll guess i'll just stick to firefox for personal browsing but i still have to support users who are have IE on their PC by default. As a plus point, at least they changed the UI quite radically, now it'll will be easier (fingers crossed) to persuade users to switch browsers.

I think that Bill already has enough of my money, and so, apparently, does he.  This is a truly pitiful effort.  I will continue to use Firefox.

I get sick of all the ACID, ACID, ACID clammoring. A benchmark, not a priority -- and by no means the true measure of a browser--not yet, anyway.
-allen (March 22, 2006, 07:55 PM)
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I have mixed feelings on Acid2 myself. Yes, it has been misrepresented in what it is supposed to achieve, and supporting it will not make cross-browser dev headaches go away completely. But it really does test a series a fundamental building blocks that have never been properly addressed. Of course web devs have been hacking round browser bugs since the WWW was born. The IE 7 team has tried to fix all the glaring bugs in existing things it breaks (which is good[1]), and simply cannot address the changes Acid2 requires. Neither can Mozilla till the gecko core gets a serious reworking. It took Opera a year to implement its fixes.

Though the test itself looks "dumb", the techniques behind it aren't - solid positioning, min/max-width/height, generated content, CSS tables and others would make a clear difference in what web developers can achieve, and what users would experience. That is important for accesibility and many other things...

[1] I DO welcome IE7 - anything that is less of a buggy mess that IE6 was is warmly greeted!

testing ie7 without installing -> here.
now i might take it for a spin...

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testing ie7 without installing -> here.
now i might take it for a spin...

[link from]

-lanux128 (April 16, 2006, 10:07 PM)
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whao great info Thanks .


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