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P-FANCI: Petition For A New Cody Image! POST HERE!!

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Stoic Joker:
If it's going on a (the) coffee cup, the calendar would probably show up the best.

Otherwise for a poster/wallpaper the acid chicken would be really cool.

Do we really have to pick (only) one...?

Heh Both! I like that!

N. C. N. Y.

New Cody's for the New Year!!

In the beginning there was chaos separating the people and preventing them from getting stuff done.  But in the beginning too, there was a hero.  A brave soul that helped the people by enabling their productivity through digital tools and utilities.  Some teased him for selflessly dedicating his time and energies to benefit others.  "Birdbrain!"  They tauntingly said unto him.  So caring was he for the people that they called him, "Nanny."  "Don't call me that!"  He said.  "It is too weird."  "Call me 'Cody.'" 

(to be continued)

Laggy told me he is going to hold his breath and turn blue till there is a new Cody image. I think he means it.



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