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P-FANCI: Petition For A New Cody Image! POST HERE!!

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Please join with me in a virtual petition to loudly demand that DC member Nudone create us a new Cody image for this year's NANY.

With Baby Cody going on so many adventures lately, I'm afraid that normal Cody is feeling left out.

And while we still have lots of Cody images to recycle through, I can't help but feel that we need to beg, harass, hound, protest, and generally bully Nudone into drawing another Cody image soon, before he forgets how to do them completely.

So please join with me in occupying this space and demanding a new Cody image from Nudone within the next 30 days.

(phew, no one seems to be too interested. no need for me to start worrying yet.)

My vote counts like 20 DC members  :P

A suggestion:

Maybe people can try to come up with an "origin" story (like a superhero's origin story) for how Cody came into existence, and see if Nudone can illustrate it as the new image.

Anyone care to try coming up with a strange and unique origin story for Cody?

Grr! Rawr! (Intimidated yet?) Make a new Cody image for NANY or else!


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