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NANY 2012 Release: NoteMe

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Don't get discouraged.. most of my apps don't get used much if at all either :)

And I'm sorry if it seems like I am trying to warn people from using it -- I'm not.. I'm much more focused on trying to save you the headaches of having to deal with problems further down the road.

justice: I'm not sure if this problem was raised before, but the fact that you have one account for all users also that the additional trouble that if some of your users start marking the email address as spam (people to strange stuff), everyone's emails might end up in the spam folder.

jgpaiva, that could happen if people use the service to spam others, but i think in this case this isn't a real concern.
but on the other hand if you are just using NoteMe to send email to yourself, it's easy enough to whitelist the email,
so i don't think this is a big concern.  having mail marked as spam is only really problematic if you are mailing it to others.

Version 1.0.2 out with the following changes:

* Fixed  alerting incorrectly that %appdata%\NoteMe could not be created, thanks to rgdot

To update, click on the download link in the opening post, or use Help > Check for Updates

Version 1.1.0 out with the following changes:

* Reimplemented local mail send component - moved away from central server

To update, click on the download link in the opening post, or use Help > Check for Updates. The server mail sending functionality will be shut down Wed February 1st 2012. Could you please test this release and let me know if you  have issues using it with your mail settings?

This version should resolve any hacking/security/privacy issues mentioned in the topic.


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