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NANY 2012 Release: NoteMe

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Thanks rgdot! Sorry to hear about windows xp problems, I will post an updated working Windows XP tested release as soon as I have a testing environment ready.

Can you confirm the issue remains after running NoteMe /resetsettings?

No problem, thanks for your efforts and NoteMe

The issue is fixed after running NoteMe /resetsettings. The email address to send to prompt comes up and NoteMe works

I got the same error after setup too.

However I think there is a much bigger problem, this:
"Privacy Policy: Notes are sent to a serverside script and delivered by GMail for easy of use and reliability. "

While I trust you justice completely -- there is just no way on earth i would ever recommend people use a program for sending email to themselves which routed them through some external server script.  Even if you are trustworthy, you don't have control over who might be trying to snoop into your traffic.  Plus, if your server goes down, the program becomes unusable.

I think the correct thing for such a tool is to directly send the emails, using a mail sending too like sendmail.exe or whatever.

I'm sorry I didn't post this comment earlier but i didn't realize until now how it was sending stuff.

Being able to quickly send an email to yourself is a nice useful idea -- but when i want to send a note to myself, i want it to go from me to my email account, not through someone else's personal server.

Thanks for your feedback. The bug after setup will need to be fixed.

I understand you would not recommend people sending messages through noteme, however you do trust the author with admin privs on your computer to install it. So is the problem that people other than me could read the message?
The only weakness in the current setup is that the connection from noteme to the server isn't https yet. Whereas with a direct delivery executable you are saving credentials on your computer, which is more likely to get snooped on.

So could you clarify thus more please? I'm happy to address any concrete issues and look at improving the app.

I think the concern lies in how big of a target the noteme server/account is in this scenario.  It represents a single point of attack that would give someone access to every note sent by every user.  And a single point of failure where if your server script goes down, no one can use the program.

Maybe this is not ever going to have more than a handful of users so the concern is more theoretical than practical,  but i think in principle when there is no *NEED* to send sensitive messages through a middle man server, it should not be done.

There is a definite advantage in not having to configure mail settings, I'll give you that.  Maybe if people only send non-sensitive messages it doesnt matter.  And maybe I'm just old-school when it comes to privacy.. But no matter how much i trust someone, I don't want my email going through anyone's hands that it does not absolutely have to.


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