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NANY 2012 Release: NoteMe

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I see! Neat :) I like your method, the other cool advantage is that even if google blocks the account, you can update the script to a new account and it won't stop working for everyone!

Yes there is am SMTP timeout issue atm solves itself, wonder whats going on.

Version 1.0.0 is out!

* You can now run NoteMe noninteractively from the commandline (thanks to mouser for request):
   NoteMe.exe /hidden /message "hello me!" /to [email protected]
* You can preselect the receipient and prepopulate the message from the commandline as a side effect to the feature above
* Minus button to delete address from list.
* Fix windows size changes (the window was growing progressively larger)
* Now using in memory string instead of a temporary file to queue message for processing
* Bug fixes and performance increase

You need to add an email address via the interface before you can use it via the commandline.

To update, click on the download link above, or use Help > Check for Updates. Or next time the program starts if it has been a week since you last checked, as NoteMe silently checks for updates at most weekly after exiting.

Could use some testers for the last sprint!

Version 1.0.0 is out!
--- End quote ---

Works fine for me. Now I'm receiving abusive email reminders :o  ;D

It took three passes to register the email address but after that all's fine.

It would be nice if one email address (perhaps the first) could be the default, so that there's no need to enter anything other than the mesage

To set a default email address
Edit the properties of the shortcut (probably in your start menu)

add to the end of the Target value the following two parameters: /to [email protected]

Now launch NoteMe with that shortcut. Tada!

This email address must already have been entered. To enter it, launch NoteMe without the two parameters

enter the address in the address box and exit the program. Addresses are saved on exit


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