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NANY 2012 Release: NoteMe

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NANY 2012 Entry Information
Application NameNoteMeVersion 1.1.0Short DescriptionUsing NoteMe you can quickly send mail to yourself. NoteMe makes it possible to blog using WordPress or Posterous, to send stuff to evernote or pinboard, or label these messages (use NoteMe as a work log). Anything that can accept email can be used with NoteMe.Supported OSes Tested on Windows 7 32bit/64bitSetup File Latest version

DonateDescriptionType a note, press Send. NoteMe will exit after sending the message.

NoteMe will check for updates if it hasn't done so for a week, after sending a note. It supports DcUpdater for inapp updating (strongly recommended). The application files are removed when uninstalled. Your settings are kept in %appdata%\NoteMe, these can be manually removed if desired.

NoteMe is donationware.
Basic OperationType a recipient (these are saved)  and a message body and click Send.
Advanced OperationStart NoteMe with the following commandline parameters for extra functionality:

      Will use /message and either /to or the last saved receipient to send a message without interface.
      Prepopulate the message contents. Must be followed by the message enclosed in quotation marks.
      Select the receipient (has to have been previously added via the GUI). Must be followed by a valid email address.
      Reset the program and mail settings.
      Open the folder containing the program and mail settings, and various logfiles, for closer inspection.

   Example commandline call:
         NoteMe.exe /hidden /message "hello me!" /to [email protected]
Privacy PolicyNotes are sent via the sendEmail executable and temporarily stored on your pc. Login details are stored unencrypted in the %appdata%\NoteMe\Mail.ini file.

InstallationInnoSetup so just start the setup program.UninstallingThe application files are removed when uninstalled. Your settings are kept in %appdata%\NoteMe, these can be manually removed if desired.
Known Issues* None!

Hope you find it as useful as I will :)

Thanks to sendemail creator Brandon Zehm for the emailing componentsendemail, and Captio for being the inspiration for this and for making a fantastic iOS app!
50% of donations made to me for NoteMe until March 2012 will be split between these two.

[url=]Original donationcoder topic

Nice :Thmbsup:


looking good - downloaded :up:

With the goal of making this program as easy to use as possible, I'm considering making a serverside component do the emailing so that the user won't have to worry about setting up the smtp details. The program would send the [message , subject, to] fields to the server. The server is setup to process emails.

Also I have been thinking about a hotkey to bring up the program window, and it would minimize after sending mail. Bring up the window, type body, alt-s to send. Did you know you can already use alt-s to send?

I'm going to add the feature to select from multiple TO addresses so that you can use it for multiple purposes, ie [email protected] and [email protected] but it would remember the last selected address. Add / remove these addresses built in the UI.

Also I noticed that the updater will say that the program is up to date, really it should only come up when an update is available, when automatically run.

Version 0.2.0 out with the following changes:

* Created a NoteMe icon
* You can add multiple email addresses using the new combo box selector (manual ini editing for deletion) - [email protected] for blogging, [email protected] for evernote notes, etc.
* Resizing the window now works as expected
* Performance improvements
* The first line of the note will be used as the subject of the mail
* Bug fixes

To update, click on the download link above, or use Help > Check for Updates


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