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MyInfo 6 - free form organizer [+ limited time discount]

MyInfo is a free-form personal information manager that helps your organize your tasks, notes and anything you want to reference in the future.

MyInfo 6 - free form organizer [+ limited time discount]

It was mentioned few times on these forums and was reviewed by superboyac.

MyInfo has a really smooth and quick way to add tags to notes. These tags act like categories/keywords/labels in other programs. Basically, you just put the mouse over the tag icon, and the list of tags associated with the note rolls out, and when you click on one of the words, you now see a list of notes that are associated with the tag. I will discuss this feature a little more below.-superboyac
--- End quote ---

So you might be interested in our latest version - MyInfo 6.

What's new in MyInfo 6:

* Hoist*
* Reminders
* Multiple document windows
* Quick/wiki linking
* Full Unicode
* Ms Word outlines import and export
* Workspaces*
* Improved backup system
* Replace text (document or global)*
* - these features are available in the Professional edition of MyInfo

Discount (limited time and quantity): as a part of this announcement, we will give 30% discount to the first 10 people, who want to buy MyInfo. Just drop us a note at [email protected] and mention that you've learned about MyInfo here on DonationCoder (please note that this discount is available only in DonationCoder).

Useful Resources:
Download trial version of MyInfo 6
Learn more about MyInfo

What license model are you using, please?  Per person, per PC, or what?  I notice you say that a portable version is included with Pro, but is that an either/or license, or both?
MyInfo uses "per-person" license, so you can install it on all your PCs, laptops and so on. The portable version included in the Professional edition uses the same license.

However, please note, that if you use MyInfo in a company, each employee needs a separate license.

Thanks - MyInfo Pro is too expensive for me even with the discount, but it's nice to have clarification of the policy, especially on portability, as so many companies won't allow end-users to install things.  I take it that the portable version is only available with the Pro license, there isn't a basic portable edition?
That's right - MyInfo Portable is part of MyInfo Professional only.


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