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A "cheap" FTP


Latelly, i've been starting to doubt on gmail's "stability".
After reading Allen's blog and afew more refences, i now believe that i could loose all my precious e-mail data.
So, not beeing appologist of having this kind of data stored locally, and because i don't like to constantlly save backups, i found an alternative way of doing it: forwarding copies of my e-mails to another e-mail server.
Then, a friend of mine presented me with a even better solution.

There is a portuguese reliable ftp ( that can give me 10gb of storage and e-mail accounts for 15€ per year.
Having an ftp account can be very useful, so i'm thinking about getting one myself.

The thing is: This is a portuguese server. Knowing my country as i do, i know that in informatic matters, it's always more expensive than US, for example.
So, i'm asking if anyone knows of an ftp server that has similiar atributes, but is even cheaper :D


  You have to take a look at
It is by far my favorite email service provider.And you can use it as an ftp.And when you
email an attachment you can use what you've uploaded,kinda like gmail.I hate those services
that say you can email large attachments and what they end up doing is allowing to email a
link to the attachment,i hate that crap.I'm pretty sure (you'd have to check their wiki)there
are settings where you can publicly share your uploaded files.Btw,reguardless of plan you buy
extra file storage later on.They have a forum,company blog,wiki,etc.

Go to the page for full details but here is some copy and paste.

Sign up now

16 MB storage space
80 MB bw/month
IMAP/Web access
SMTP for sending email
Mail forwarding
Virus checker
US$14.95 one-time

Sign up now

600 MB storage space
300 MB bw/month (+600 MB on signup)
30 MB file space (your own web site!)
IMAP/POP/Web access
SMTP for sending email
Mail forwarding
Virus checker
Advanced spam filter
3 Aliases
US$19.95 per-year

Sign up now

2 GB storage space
1 GB bw/month (+2 GB on signup)
250 MB file space (your own web site!)
IMAP/POP/Web access
SMTP for sending email
Mail forwarding
Virus checker; Advanced spam filter
5 Aliases
Host your own domain

US$39.95 per-year

I see it's hard to et something similar to zmail.
Thanks for the reference, tinyvillager, but fastmail is much more expensive than zmail, and it has much less space.. :(


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