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^ My sentiment?  I agree with you- that's why we have a consumer economy, even when you aren't selling something.  Everyone doesn't have the time nor inclination to learn certain skills, and that's why those skills are in demand.  I could learn to do all sorts of things around my house, but I'd rather pay someone to do them.  Because spending the money is more convenient to me than spending the time to learn, and the time to code it, where someone else has that inclination.  The same thing with my car.  I know the principles behind a lot of things, i.e. changing the oil, etc.  But I don't want to learn, nor do I care to do it.

I took db90h's comment to be a helpful pointer for those of us who might like to delve further.
Being one of those who do not (in this particular case), I heartily concur with his final comment — "Of course, having a programmer write you a custom solution is even better."

The very purpose of DC is, for those who can, to do; we're very fortunate to have a core group of doers.

That said, I believe that we benefit both from the solution providers in specific instances and from the peripheral information and suggestions that help to enlarge our awareness. It never hurts to know what one does not know.


It most definitely was not my intention to critcise db90h. The part of his message I quoted explicitly states: "if 'everyone'...." and I was simply saying that not everyone can easily do this.  If what I said has in any way caused offense, or implied any adverse criticism either of db90h or any other member then please accept my sincere apologies.

As an aside, being a newcomer to this website I am not sure what is the correct procedure for posting.  For example this thread has moved away from the original topic and I would presume should be in another place/forum.

As with db90h no doubt, often times I think to myself "pfft, I could do that" when a small challenge comes along. And about half the time I'll give it a go.

But even as a programmer, I find myself relying on DC for quick solutions similar to this rather than always rolling my own.

In this case, I wrote this one becuase I knew I could do it pretty quickly and with the right sort of balance of time spent / satisfaction and knowledge gained. And the fun of tinkering with Regular Expressions.

And what has really helped is, Quidnunc, you're a pleasure to deal with as well as a generous donor  :Thmbsup:

Speaking of which, can I get my title updated to "Lord of all Creation?" "Coding Snacks Author"  8) somehow?


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