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Mint 12 introducing DuckDuckGo ...

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Google+ is dying slowly. The hype is over.

They say Google is innovative. ;) I wonder how they copy from open source folks without any credit and people who don't pay attention assume that google is innovative because of social media folks talking in favor of them. 

Because Google has a higher budget.

I take it none of you use either Mint or G+. Oy. More often than not, the reason [Mint] users bitch about a particular default choice is that (a) it's being changed for no reason, and (b) no one asked the users if they wanted it changed. Google is using open source to power Android far past iphone/iOS sales, and you think they're going to burn that bridge? Yeah, that makes sense (if you're Oracle).

I use Mint Debian Edition, have a random look at G+ and know how to configure my browser.


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