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Mint 12 introducing DuckDuckGo ...

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... and the Google users are flaming.  ;D Just read through a couple of blogs. This (German) one, for example, states that "Mint 12 sucks (e.g.) because Google is no more the default search engine". Oh my!

I wonder if these people could use the internet when Google is down for maintenance.

I use DDG and love it.

Same here.

The truth is that any operating system is going to suck for those that do not have even the small amount of intelligence and expertise required to make the most basic of customizations, such as changing the default search engine. Makes me wonder how they even managed to install the OS.

As diaspora and facebook standing strong against Google+, many social media google fanbois are posting against all the free and open source software projects. I am sure google will stop sponsoring open source projects which are threat to their business indirectly.

I learned something new this year - "If you're not paying for it then you're the product being sold" and there are few folks who live their entire life taking part in this popularity contest with their peers for the sake of showoff by using expensive  and trendy stuff that is sold under the disguise of something sinister from (insert google, facebook, microsoft and apple).


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