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Which version of CD are you running?

Version is: 32-bit V1.56 (Refresh)
Shows in programs software but when try to remove, get error saying does not exist to remove???

Icon shows on desktop but when try to open it cannot and get error message.....will just delete the icon for now but still cannot figure out how to remove from programs installed and that is aggrevating.....

I did some checking on my system.
One out of three uninstalls has proven to leave some of the Circle Dock Files behind.

I had to Uninstall the program (to get the error). This did indeed uninstall some stuff.
I then had to go into the C Drive (C:/) and then to the "Program Files" (C:/Program Files)
Then delete the "CircleDock" Folder.
I also had to go into the "AppData" Folder and then to the "Local" Folder, and find and delete the "CircleDock" Folder there as well.
Once this was done I also deleted The Desktop Icon, checked to make sure that there was not any shortcuts in my "Startup" File, and deleted the shortcuts in the "All Programs" Folder.

I restarted me system, and went to Control Panel, and check the uninstall/Install programs window and found that the program had been removed.

I know that this version of Circle Dock also makes a registry entry, but I am unsure of where and what, and I never advise anyone to make a systems registry change lightly.

Since I am unaware of your Operating system (ie. Windows XP, Vista, & 7) and whether you are 32 or 64 bit, I am sorry I can not give somewhat clearer directions.

I hope this helps.

If you have additional questions or issues, let us know friend ;)

Appreciate the input and will try all the above.....thanks again...will advise....

Sgt. , your latest suggestion took care of it....Thanks very much....


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