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Action Outline on offer at Bits du Jour, 2011-11-21

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All versions of Action Outline, one of the many two-pane outliners/notekeepers, are on offer via Bits du Jour today, 2011-11-21.

A little warning:
the right to update (upgrade, they call it) is per year, not per version's number.
I have 3.3, but must pay for 3.4 (if I would, which I won't).

That's the reason that I'm hesitating...


Roberto Porcar James:
take a look by yourself... only you can know if its worth the price.

update 1: add colours
update 2: add undo
update 3: add pictures
--- End quote ---

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Has anybody compared to the tree-note programs (especially RightNote and TreedbNotes. The latter has a forum.)  Is there any real difference in using one or the other as an outliner (perhaps number of levels of the tree ? Use of screen real estate ? export ?). Any big gains or lacks.  (I think all three programs combine the Explorer style with the tab style, other note programs as well .. I consider this the basic need these days).

I did not get around to installing, but if it has positive feedback (e.g. better for writing articles because of some outline advantages) I will try .. and if very good write the author for an extension discount.  

On the other hand, if the note programs have better editing and advanced features, without ActionOutline having real pluses, then I will not download and test ActionOutline. 

I could not find much in the way of lauding or criticism on the Net.  It appears to be, at least, a good program. Is it an excellent program ? Why, or why not ?

One plus of AO is a new feature "custom font styles and colors!" in the outline/explorer section.  This is a good feature, that I do not remember seeing in the others. The drabness and lack of visual aid in the Explorer section is often a hindrance. (Biggest need in ListPro also, along with tabs. I would say that this feature should generally be indicated in reviews of programs.)

The version one-year update issue does not bother me much, as long as the program retains full functionality and the price today can be kept around $20.

Steven Avery


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