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3 Day Special on PageFour and AllMyJournals (2012-07-30 to 2012-08-01)


Two announcements to make this month. Firstly, we're having
a three day sale for PageFour and All My Journals. Today,
tomorrow and Wednesday, we're reducing the price by half.
That's $17 for a PageFour license and only $12 for an All My
Journals license.
If you have any friends who you feel might benefit, please let
them know.
All My Journals:
Secondly, we released an updated version of SmartEdit recently,
and it's been getting a lot of exposure and attention on writing
forums and blogs. It's still free, and it contains a very useful
adverb checker along with its existing functionality. Best of all, it
can be launched directly from the current version of PageFour,
released only last week.
SmartEdit website:

--- End quote ---

All My Journals is reduced 25% until Jan 12th.

I havent used it myself.


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