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FUNNY~! Drinking Water DOES NOT Hydrate!

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Lies are never surprising  :-\

Carrot is fruit?

For the purposes of this Directive, tomatoes, the edible parts of rhubarb stalks, carrots, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins, melons and water-melons are considered to be fruit-
--- End quote ---

So wasn't a reclassification of carrots, just just a lumping of various ingredients for jam under the heading fruit to cut down on words in that directive. As usual though the lie is funnier.

Snail is fish? Don't know, can't find a single credible citation to that. But feel free to supply one.

Banana must be sized properly? Bananas must be above a certain minimum size, and free for excessive malformations. What about that exactly offends you?

Generally speaking it wouldn't hurt to do a wee bit a googleing before you repost someones else's lies and embarrass yourself.

This entire subject is just boggling.
The claims, the misinterpretations, the justifications, it's all too much, and I can't stand it.
Right or wrong, the EFSA could have issued a much clearer ruling that didn't patently invite ridicule.
Could they not see the ramifications?

Maybe folks should read the thing for themselves:

Actually, maybe the EU ought to just ban the stuff altogether:

Sometimes things are complicated, it's when the papers/bloggers bastardise the truth that suddenly something very reasonable seems ridiculous.

But in this case there is nothing complicated, the pdf you linked is very clear and unambiguous. The only ramifications/confusion come from the lies.

This entire subject is just boggling.
The claims, the misinterpretations, the justifications, it's all too much, and I can't stand it.-Edvard (November 20, 2011, 07:04 PM)
--- End quote ---
Me neither but the thing I am afraid of is the end result. I mean: what will future bring us if the legislation goes against science (carrots case)? No matter what are the reasons behind funny law, they may not be remembered in next 20 years. Our kids may learn in school what carrot is but if they go to shop they will see: "Natural Fruits Juice" with it inside and don't understand what mindf**k it is.

I can think about speculations and lies at this moment but cannot help thoughts about world going upside down.

Carrots were never reclassified as a fruit, it never happened! Stop saying it did when it didn't???

Frankly what future would be be more afraid of

1) Companies are allowed do what they want, selling grapes while calling them apples and claiming their recycled, feces covered, toiletroll cures cancer.


2) Regulations are drawn up under the eyes of 100s (1000s even) of civil servants being briefed by umpteen experts in the appropriate fields all in public view, to define want an apple actually is or what medical claims can actually be made about a product.

The only thing which will stop the world going upside is sufficient bureaucracy and regulation. It's the unregulated systems which collapse, and individuals with too much power who pass crazy laws.

There is a good reason so many stories are made up about this nonsense law, or that ridiculous legislation coming from Brussels - there just aren't anywhere near enough legitimate cock-ups to keep the newspapers with something to say.


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