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Can CH capture text + url in one shot?

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Is there a way to configure CH to copy text + url from any browser in one click?
Similarly, can it do the same for a text from file (text + location on pc)?

BTW, IE9 identified CH as dangerous stuff!   :(

CHS will capture the urls associated with text copied from a major browser.
It will also save the name of the application for other captures.

All the data's there, you just have to adjust CHS to see it.  The first screenshot shows CHS main screen with both the application CHS clipped from, in this case Firefox, and also the URL.  That's truncated on screen because of the column widths, but it's all there.  You may need to change what columns show in CHS to see these clearly.  You do that by ticking the items you want from the columns dropdown, see second screenshot.

Hmmm...  looks you only get a truncated URL in the URL field if you don't have it set wide enough for the whole URL.  E.g., only "" instead of the whole thing.  Bug?

Okay, i finally found the grap url option, but i also wanted to know if i can paste the text + url in one shot?


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