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NANY 2012 Release : Qatapult

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Whoops ! verbs are broken in the last version, it only worked because of my local index on my machine. Wait until I upload a fix ;)

Verbs should be ok now

Icons are pretty!

NANY 2012 Release : Qatapult

...but some are small :)

Arrow key navigation being for directory browsing appears to be deeply wired in my brain...

Sometimes after starting QSLL.exe the main window appears quickly, but it appears unresponsive for various amounts of time -- sometimes it becomes responsive, sometimes I decide it's been long enough :)

Thank's for feedback ewemoa, I was feeling a bit alone ;)

Yes some icons are small, they are non vista enabled icons. I should scale them but I haven't find an api that tell me what size the icon is. That sound stupid but I haven't found a good solution yet. I have stupid solutions still, so I might switch to that as a fallback.

I'm not sure what you mean with arrow key navigation for directories ? Would you prefer arrows instead of tab ?

Is it slightly unresponsive for very short period of time or long like seconds or minutes like hanged ?

I've added the . for text too. I don't know if you spotted that.


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