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The new thread for discussing Qatapult is here now :

NANY 2012 Entry Information
Application NameQatapultVersion0.2Short DescriptionKeyboard launcher inspired by QuickSilverSupported OSesWindows Vista or 7Website File 2012 Release : QatapultDescriptionQuickSilver is a keyboard launcher on Macs that has this super nice feature that allows to run commands on objects with completion on object and command and possibly extra arguments. It also has a very slick and customizable design UI. I've been looking at Quicksilver with envy for years hoping for someone to release it for Windows, but that day never came. So I'm making that day.
Change list08.01.2012
- The focus issues should now be gone. Qatapult hides itself when it's not the foreground window
- The download of gmail contact is now limited to only new contacts
- The contact sources now fetch and displays the profile pictures from the gmail directory (the download of theses is a bit long of course : if you enable this, please wait that the download complete before closing Qatapult otherwise, you'll only get half of your contact )
- I added a special source (type Clock ) that display an animated clock. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it but it's fun. If it gives you ideas, please share ;)
- You can add extra directories to index (they are currently limited to 3 level of recursion because indexing too large directories cause huge slow downs )
- The text is not typed anymore (it's displayed by underline the text on the icons ). I'm not sure if this behavior is very usable. Tell me what you think about it. However it definitly looks better.
- remove the verb indexing from the shell (it's too slow, doesn't always work and not nicely extendable )
- scale small icons (badly )
- unicode storage for startmenu items
- icons in the listview
- new controls tabs/shift+tab for pane navigation, right for completion (the rest is a bit more difficult to bind right now )
- extra icons (with reference to people who made them, I removed one GPL icon so I think that my source code was automatically GPL till previous version )
- memory leak fixing
- automatic opening of listbox after 1 second
- slower (not a very desirable feature :I will need to spend some time there, it's ok on my very new PC, not sure on others )
- fix a bug in the indexing of the verbs associated with the startmenu items
- you can now send email (you'll need to edit the settings.ini file to add your email, username, password and smtp server )
rem : I use blat to send email, it requires that you add the stunnel proxy server if you use a ssl smtp server like gmail ( )
- qsll can fetch your contact from gmail (see the little knob on the top right corner of the UI to give him the permission )
- items from the startmenu are now fetched from an index that make finding them faster
InstructionsHere is what you can do with the current version :

The invocation shortcut is shift+space

You can run an application by typing it's name

You can type windows path like that and browse the file system (tab works for completion )

You can type text either with a ' prefix which will give text a boost, or just continue to type until there is nothing left but text and it will be automatically known

You can use this text in 2 ways. Once you get a text hit the right arrow then the down arrow to get a list of what is available at this point. There is two operation you can send a mail to a contact (this doesn't work yet ) or you can search a website. Type 'search with' then hit the right arrow to select which website to search.

You can try actions on applications too, you can open, get the properties and other things detected from the context menu.

Hit 'return' at any point to run the current action.

If you want to quit, just type quit in the first pane.
Current commands- Type 'name of your software' to run it, or followed by properties, sendto, etc...
- 'Quit' to quit the application
- 'Clock' to display a clock
- 'text' 'EmailTo' 'name of your contact'
- type '.' to switch to text mode when typing something

Very cool.  :up:
Looking forward to stealing some ideas from it :)

Very cool.  :up:
-mouser (November 18, 2011, 01:56 PM)
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Looking forward to stealing some ideas from it :)
-mouser (November 18, 2011, 01:56 PM)
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I've been trying to find a launcher to love for years now. Of course I have FARR installed, and I use it literally a dozen times a day...

BUT... (and here's my big but) there are a some programs that I want available under as a pop-up for faster launching. The closest I've managed to get is 8start, which brings up a little grid of shortcuts when I middle-click the mouse. QuickCliq does something similar. But they ain't perfect.

Will this thing be able to do that?

I have to say, the posted screenshots are quite attractive.


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