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Text search & replace via system shell menu (using preconfigured profiles)


I frequently remove hearing impaired tags from subtitle files, so regex support is essential.

I currently have to load the subtitle file in my text editor and
replace \[.*?\] with "" (blank)
replace \(.*?\) with ""
save + exit

The process could be a lot quicker (2-3 clicks) if I could add these two search and replace commands to a batch profile that shows up in the system context menu.

Any utility that supports this?

Would sed for Windows be usable?

Thanks. It looks powerful enough to get the job done but would take some doing & would need to be manually integrated into the context menu. I'm hoping there's something with a GUI out there.


TextCrawler free, is indispensable for me for search replace in my codes (text files).

Though it do not have the context menu option, as you require, you can save the regular expressions and re-use them. Also the last folder / files are auto saved in drop down list.



Thanks, Anand.


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