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Release: Fentwiss (a simple calculator / converter)

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I downloaded the calculator and ran it on my Windows 7 professional system. I went into set up and attempted to change the defaults to US standards. I clicked okay and what about testing the calculator: I entered 2 feet and wish to convert it to the centimeters the result was a little strange;  2f to cm      -1,666.67  go figure. I checked back in the settings and verified after rechecking that the default units were never set to the American Standard. I've tried a couple of more times and then gave up

Not exactly what I was looking for

Both PAL and NTSC? Are there others?
-timns (January 03, 2012, 09:53 PM)
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The idea may be of no use to anyone else. All I use is these days is a simple 24FPS conversion, or 30 (25 in Europe 'cos of their hydro). A bit of mental arithmetic gives me a conversion from frames to seconds but I might be stepping through a gazillion shots looking for both per-shot and cumulative time (start to now) and your 'carry down' feature would make this quick and easy. Due to different frame rates, the ability to set the relevant frame rate could be useful... (which opens the whole idea of user-defined stuff).

Thanks again for another fine product  :Thmbsup:

Not exactly what I was looking for
-kalljo (January 05, 2012, 09:56 AM)
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Try 2ft to cm  :)
Probably is exactly what you were looking for.

I'm late to the party as usual - thanks for the 2ft explanation, Mr Cranioscopical

Fentwiss just takes a stab at converting what you type - it doesn't mind if you're asking for nonsensical conversions at all!

You used 'f' which is Fahrenheit, so you're converting a temperature into centimetres; so -1,666.67 makes as much sense as anything else ;D

For the moment, what do you need for frames -> seconds? Both PAL and NTSC? Are there others?
-timns (January 03, 2012, 09:53 PM)
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From what I remember about analog video standards, SECAM was the third.  There are variations on those, also, it seems.  This page has some detail (I googled SECAM... whee) regarding those standards.  Specifically, charts on the page showing, for each standard, the lines per field, horizontal/vertical frequencies, color subcarrier frequency (for PAL and NTSC), sound carrier frequency, and video bandwidth.

Other links on the site provide interesting info, but other/better (?) sources for the conversion data are probably easily found.  That site seems to want to charge for the service of performing video conversions between standards and I tend to be suspicious of commercial sites :deal: hiding behind pretending to be  embedded within informative sites.  A personal problem of mine, perhaps.

In other words:  If you add those conversions, to ensure accuracy, you might want to cross-reference the information provided there (or wherever you obtain it) with information from other sources.


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