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Does it exist? Sys tray app to generate text string from hierarchical listing

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Sorry that the title isn't completely clear... here's what I am trying to do.  I use the excellent ManicTime time logger, which is discussed elsewhere on DC. When tagging time, I need to enter (paste) a string in the format:
Project 0001, Subtask 003

I would like to create reference text file something like
2011, Project 0001, Subtask 001
2011, Project 0001, Subtask 002
2011, Project 0001, Subtask 003
2011, Project 0002, Subtask 001
2011, Project 0002, Subtask 002 etc

and have this file read by the system tray application, which when clicked, generates a menu like so

2011 > Project 0001 > Subtask 001
                               > Subtask 002

This would work like when you access a set of folders as a toolbar at the base of the desktop. See attached image below.
If I then click on the last entry, a text string 'Project 0001, Subtask 002' is copied to the clipboard, ready to paste into the Manictime Tag dialog.

A couple of thoughts. Why not just copy and paste from a text file, you may reasonably ask.  Could do, but having all of the entries on system tray or launcher menu makes navigation a doddle. My projects are named by their start year, so there are never too many in any one year eg 2010, 2010-Project1, Subtask003
Also there may be clipboard utilities that allow pre-programmed folders and entries, and I have tried setting this up with Clipboard Help & Spell.  It is possible, but not fast to set up folders, sub-folders and text lines through the settings dialog.
I'm sure it is do-able in AutohotKey, but beyond my skills unless I set aside the next week!
Any suggestions?

I can definitely see the use for this.

If anyone is looking for a NANY project idea, this might be a good one.

ps. Also sounds like a good idea for a feature for me to add to my Find and Run Robot, or my Clipboard Help and Spell tool, both of which can be used to paste common text.

Thanks Mouser

I have just downloaded and started playing with Launchbar Commander.  The help file says it can read a (specifically formatted) text file to generate menus, which sounds interesting (not obvious from the helpfile how, though).  However it is very easy to make custom menus so it may be an option.  What I can't see at present is if there is any way to click a menu item and have it copy a text string to the clipboard.  Obviously not its purpose, but possible? Perhaps by sending a commandline to an application?

What I can't see at present is if there is any way to click a menu item and have it copy a text string to the clipboard
--- End quote ---

yeah i don't know why i haven't added such an ability.. seems like a useful thing to add.  i will add it.

That would be very nice - it would make LC a sort of preset clipboard manager alongside its other Launching capabilities.


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