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Post here in this thread only tips and tuts please.
Use >this other thread< for comments.

found at
is a lttle tool from Mister 'Nakashima Tomoaki' for to store more than one item in the clip board.
You must not install it (just unpackt) and there is no registry access,
all settings are stored in simple plain text files (INIs) and binary *.dat files  :Thmbsup:

New: Source code translation to English ===>

Description from the home page:
CLCL is clipboard caching utility.

* All clipboard formats
* are supported.
* Template can be registered.
* Pop-up menu is displayed by "Alt+C."
* Menu can be customized.
* Item is paste automatically.
* Picture is displayed on a menu.
* Tool tip is displayed on a menu.
* The format to leave and the format to save can be set up.
* The ignored window can be set up.
* The paste key for every window can be set up.
* Function is extensible with plug-in.
* freeware (even the source code *.c is available) A screenshot of CLCL
CLCL Ver 1.1.2 (02/11/2005)

English version
clcl112_eng.exe (size 181 KB) (self extracting zip archive, no advantage over the zip itself) (size 145 KB)   (just unpack)

How to use CLCL:

- Download the .exe and double click on it to extract the files
  or use the zip archive and just unpack it.

- Then start the CLCL.exe.
- So you get a "general.ini" which stores all of your settings for CLCL, there are no Registry settings.

- Also you get an new subfolder called as your windows login name. There CLCL stores the saved
  clip board item of the last days.

- in the lower right corner of your screen, near the clock, you see the icon of CLCL

- if you move your mouse over this icon and press the LEFT mouse button you will see the "Viewer"-window

- with the RIGHT mouse button you will see the histories of your last clipboard items
and you see you could access "Templates", what we will look over later

to be continued...

Post here in this thread only tips and tuts please.

Use >this other thread< for comments.

Rainer Zufall hat folgendes geschrieben::
z.B. Templates
wie benennnen, wie mit Hotkey versehen

--- End quote ---

> wie Templates benennnen,
- Viewer öffnen
- rechte Mausklick auf einen Template-Eintrag
- "Rename" auswählen

> wie Templates mit Hotkey versehen
- Viewer öffnen
- rechte Mausklick auf einen Eintrag
- "Set Hot key" auswählen


CLCL can also be expanded by installing some plugins which are available on the page itself.

[GER/ENG] CLCL Clipboardmanager Forum

btw, Mr. Nakashima is also the author of nPOP, a tiny but effective POP3 email checker... sorry, off-topic. ;)

Lesson 1

Change the  left/right mouse button action of the tray icon.

I'd like to use an left mouse click to open the historie list ,  instead of the viewer.

So we open the Options... now

- left click on the tray icon, the Viewer appears
- choose "View | Options.."

- right click on the tray icon
- choose "Options..."

In the Options go to the "Actions"-tab
and double click on "Viewer - Click on left...."

Now select in the "Call type"-drop down "Click on right for system tray"
than  click on [OK]

Do the same for the second entry "Menu"

but select "Click on left for system tray"
than  click on [OK]

Now you can access the historie with an left mouse click on the tray icon.

Lesson 2

Use templates

Copy (or wrote) the text you want as template:

Open the Viewer...

Drag and (copy)drop the item you want to the template sub folder:

or use the context menu as alternative:

or the shortcut Ctrl+R

Now you could do a few things from the context menu
if you do a right mouse-button click on an template item:

- add a new sub folder to the template folder
- remane the items (or use F2)
- assign an hot key to insert an template quickly
- arrange the items with drag and drop (hold the CTRL-key to copy)

Now you have create items in the Template folder


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