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NANY 2012 - Pledge & Final Release: Stick A Note

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Thanks everyone for the reviews and feedback.

Have updated to version 2.1.0 (modified the version in original post) as Final version.

Changes are as below,

Version 2.1.0

- To automatically show note for active program, select 'Auto Show' Note in Settings. Once note is closed, you can press hotekey to show it again.
- If the active program has a note, then the tray icon changes to idicate it, even if the note is closed.
- To quickly edit a note, click on the note text to get 'Edit note' menu option.
- To quickly copy the note text to clipboard for other program, click on the note text to get 'Copy note to clipboard' menu option.
- To insert text from clipboard, select 'Insert..' in Edit Note window.
- To delete a note from system, select 'Delete' in Edit Note window.
- Select default note color in Settings.
- Select default borderless note in Settings.
- Select Hotkey in better way with separate checkboxes and dropdown list in Settings.
- [X] (close) link made [ X ], bit bigger.



I like the Auto-Show option!


Gee, some days I am sharp as a marble! I finally figured out what Anand probably knew months ago - that unlike Stickies (which I will also keep using) where the notes "float by themselves", StickANote travels to active windows, which you normally "can't write on". So I just found one of the killer apps - email annotations! It drives me nuts when people send you some five files, then *two of them* turn out to be bad or later superseded by new copies - bleh! What do you do then? Delete the email? Resend it to yourself with the bad files removed?

Gmail has Superstars, which lets you tag an email with symbols, so I use the QuestionMark for "dangerous emails", but "1-byte" of info still leaves you guessing trying to remember *why* the email went sour.

So now I/you can mark an email as Dangerous, *then* bang a StickANote on it so then you can WRITE what went wrong!

Anand, couple thoughts for when you get time - your note seems to head toward the upper right, but lately everyone is putting all the web-app controls in the upper right! So the notes block the email signout, etc. Same with Adobe Acrobat, all the tools are in the upper right now. What if you could either pick another corner or slide it along the top? Also, I don't see how to resize the notes.

P.S. On my Win 7 machine some of the About and Settings text is still falling off the display screen. (Not sure yet about my home machine.)

@anandcoral : Just wanted to say thanks for creatingStick-A-Note.
I'm not sure to what extent I could/would be likely to use this app., but I think it's rather nifty and am trialling it.   :up:
I think I have come across a similar (not identical) note app. - I recall trialling it, but I forget its name.(!) It wasn't much use to me, anyway and I uninstalled it. I will see if I can dig it up.

Otherwise, there is something not at all similar - the Gmail "cloud" note add-on: Gmail Notes
- which I still have, but am also not sure to what extent I could/would be likely to use it, but I think it's rather nifty!    :up:
I mention it here merely as a point of curiosity for those who may be interested - as I am - in sticky-type note systems and their potential for being part of a PIM system.

Thank TaoPhoenix, IainB and all DC members for the appreciating SAN  :)
- floating note in a small window, for changing size and position.
- find text in all notes
- different folder for notes
etc. are on my mind.

Since I expected the world to know about SAN only after official announcement in Jan 2012, so was working slowing on the points, which already I had in my hand. But the reviews before that made me to fulfill the users expectations sooner. Last update was of few of the points.

GumNotes - freeware and shareware.-
Quick Notes Plus - shareware -

are similar app of  which I checked GM, but somehow I was not satisfied with it. So I made SAN.

The main goal of SAN is to allow user to keep important notes of features, options, todo etc. of particular program or document at hand. SAN should not be a distraction or create rigidity for the user. It should be slave of user under his/her command.

As a professional developer for 15 years or so, I know that it is the data which is most important than the app. Many app will come and go, based on time and user choice but the data of each user will remain important for him/her.

This is the reason I choose text format over any type of database or rtf etc. If any thing happens to SAN or user finds a better app, he do not have to worry about his/her notes, which he may have made in the long run of time. They are always readable or transferable or copyable in all OS, cloud, app etc.

I try to put my self in all my apps, be it free or paid. I want user to remember me for my work and good apps.

Please give me some time as I have lots of project work to do. Will take up SAN points after that.

One again thank you all.




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